Current Projects

This website has not been designed by myself, in fact this is the result of the simplest of site builders, At least there is something whilst I'm developing my newest actual website


This Website


Application Development surveillance Platform

A Small system, using some machine learning and an ontology to help creating and managing all kinds of systems, the project is still in its infancy as I'm creating the proof of concept right now.

EYEDOL For Abdoul sy

It's an assistant, an App, a Remote controller. Still as a prototype the app is only on my phone but looks badass, it's a miniature version of my actual website, where all controls have been scaled back.

PRNS (an url for every room)

You want someone from an other country to reach you in a kitchen in a 7 floor flat located in a hard place to reach, PRNS uses a DNS to evaluate actual physical locations. imagine being able to send, come meet me at location://, and have google maps tell you step by step, how to reach someone