Current Era

I'm currently wandering around the world like a ronin without a ninja master; 
I'm interviewing right now.

France Resting Era

For a few months, London was over, I went back to France with the girl, happily ever after,
I polished my fire making skills, and hiking skills in the mountains and rested my brain.
That was great, but then ,finding a new job in france I progressively came to realize : The fight for epicness has not yet ended, I was in france but my mind was somewhere else trying to convert my skills into something less crazy-intensive, but finally realised Innovation requires deep-work.


The Intensive Era

Lead a team of developers in Poland for the FE of Semaphore, for the last two years, but also developped the website, created the architecture of the frontend part of the newest Semaphore Application and was author and architect of the software Ontology Visualiser For Semaphore - with very little sleep in between.

Hired as a contractor in order to develop an MVP of what would become Ontology Visualiser, then as a Lead Web Developer to move Semaphore to the cloud, giving presentations about web development, and receiving Semantic Data training, I worked along with the team to define the best practices, and introduced Test Driven Development, and Behaviour Driven Development, and Small Contained Components, I was doing ~70% javascript, with a fully functional Continuous Integration strategy, with a java suite, using maven, the Jena Api to write Sparql Queries, Interfacing with a Triple Store, with Karma/Jasmine/Protractor as testing tools for the front-end and Grunt/Bower to manage builds, or I was working on my own on a D3.js project, the rest of the time, I was developing PHP extensions for the Expression Engine Framework behind Smartlogic.

And then Burnt out :') !

The Front-End Era

Hired as an interactions developer at Byng Systems; I was specialized into making things move and think, and integrating dynamic data into the applications. I've worked on developing/modifying lots of websites, that used javascript and countless libraries, From the small one-page website to large-scale websites with heavy traffic. One of such websites was for Ballantines Golf Tournament, using real-time data, in a matrix grid (in js), widgets in SVG, using raphael, an other project is an IPad App named Consentz, written with Backbone.js and Cordova PhoneGap, with TestFlight testing and Deployment Tools. I was focussed on innovating using the browser as my medium.

The Old Era

LaMoulade gave me the passion for design, and how it affects business, as my first London company, I designed the complete architecture of a the web Application, documented the technical side of the business plan. Using the latest ruby/js based architecture, innovated by having unique d3 polygons hashing of project and a slick interface for managing projects and teams efficiently.
We won several CSS Awards, and one AWWWards - site of the day (runner up for site of the year)

As the only developer and technical person to be hired by Lamoulade at its birth, we managed to attain recognition with the quality and the creativity of our websites, which obtained many awards and was featured in many blogs.


The Beginnings in France:

I had to manually integrate html banners and emails either given by the retailers, or highlighting an event. As that was quite frequent and following the same pattern, I've created a CMS called Ab-Tool, that was doing my job 3 orders of magnitude faster. I've also done various tools for helping the team for their repetitive tasks.


... (still writing the article)



Languages : French (native language), English (fluent), Polish (one sentence).

Sports: Freerunning (12 years). Ninjutsu (2 years). Boxing

Music: Guitar and violin (1 year).

Writing : Writing novels and short stories (8 years).

Development : I'm currently developing my own website, using my matrix layout technology (very old now), and a large set of navigation options such as mouse gestures, and head tracking technology. In the meantime, is up as a fallback.
Along with AS-Aria, my pet AI project using the combined experience I ever Had

Instruction : preparing a educative science related youtube channel

Misc : Creating an ADSP (Application Development Surveillance Platform) Using Marklogic, Elixir, Phoenix Framework, D3, Google Voice API, React and Redux as my tool to multiply my development speed.


About me (TMI Version)

alpha copy

Abdoul Sy

Lead Web Developer

Principal Skills:

PHP, MySql , Javascript, Golang, Ruby, HTML, Visualisations in 2, 3 and Higher dimensions, SPARQL, Unix, Design Patterns, Testing. Web 3.0 (Semantic Web).Maths.

Upcoming Skills:

Golang Master, Artificial Intelligence Author,

Internet of things, Machine Learning, Classification.


Useless Skills:
I can say at Least one sentence in 10 Languages.

Science Nerd.

Street Fighter and games Geek.

Movie Geek.
Cooking Fan.